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Do you have a shoe shop and are you looking for a top-quality wholesaler? If so, you have come to the right place! At Polígono de Carrús, we are much more than a simple footwear wholesaler. We offer a completely personalised service, not only providing an incredible variety of women’s shoes, but also footwear for men and even for children. All our products come from the best national and international suppliers, ensuring that you will find the style and modernity of designs that you need for your business.


We are aware of the wide variety of customers, and how difficult it is to satisfy everybody’s tastes. For this reason, we also consider ourselves as footwear importers. There are no geographical barriers as we look for the best for our clients, and for this we also offer the possibility to buy Chinese shoes. It is precisely thanks to these wholesale purchases that we have been able to bring the best brands from the Elche industrial park and abroad to our large premises.




If we speak of quality, it is because our work really stands out from that of other providers. We like to take care of our clients as much as possible, and for this, we offer them a series of advantages, such as buying footwear without intermediaries. Thanks to our efforts, you can now also comfortably buy material without having to pay for external transporters, and more importantly, you will receive your order in less than 24 hours. This way you avoid annoying stock problems, and your customers will be satisfied.


One of the main reasons why Polígono de Carrús came about is not only footwear wholesale, but effectively collecting, organising and updating all footwear that we have in our warehouses. Keeping our customers informed about all our news and offering immediate price updates is our priority. You no longer have to visit hundreds of websites to obtain the collections that you like the most. You can now buy from different warehouses from our website, accessing the best and most varied brands. Definitively, we offer our customers the possibility to stock their business comfortably, practically and with top-quality footwear.

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